Borrowing Policies


All borrowers must present appropriate identification when borrowing library materials. Faculty, staff and students must present their University identification cards. Public Borrowers will be asked to show their library card and supporting photo identification or their Library ONEcard. Delaware Technical and Community College and Delaware State University students will be asked to show their institution’s ID card and their University of Delaware Library borrower card or their Library ONEcard. All IDs must be currently valid in the Library’s borrower database. The individual associated with the ID or library card is solely responsible for all materials borrowed on his or her card and is liable for overdue fines and charges for lost and damaged materials. ID cards and library cards are non-transferable.


Damaged Library Materials

Borrowers will be billed for damaged library materials. This fee is applied toward repair or, if necessary, replacement of the damaged item. If the Library needs to withdraw the damaged item, the minimum replacement fee is $60.00; a $10.00 invoice processing fee is also assessed.

Examples of damaged materials include those that:

  • have been written in with pen, pencil or highlighters
  • have been damaged by water or beverages
  • have sticky notes or tabs which cannot be removed
  • have mold or mildew
  • appear to have been chewed by a pet

If you find mutilated materials on library shelves, bring them to the Help Center.


Overdue Library Materials

Borrowers are individually responsible for keeping track of due dates and for returning or renewing library material by the date due.

All fees are assessed consistently. If library material is not returned or renewed by the sixtieth day after the due date, the borrower is charged a replacement fee. An invoice processing fee is also charged. If a billed item is returned undamaged, the replacement fee is waived. Processing fees are not waived, since the library has already incurred the cost of processing. (For further details on borrower responsibility for damaged library materials, please see the “Damaged Library Materials” section on this page.)

Library Material Replacement Costs
Minimum replacement Fee (Refundable if the item is promptly returned.) $60.00
Non-refundable Invoice Processing Fee $10.00
Total Minimum Replacement charge $70.00


Paying Library Fees

Library fees may be paid by all borrowers at Room 116 in the Student Services Building on 30 Lovett Avenue. The mailing address is:

Cashiers Office
30 Lovett Avenue
116 Student Services Building
Newark, DE 19716

No money is collected at the Help Center.

University of Delaware students may pay their Library fees with FLEX by logging into UDSIS, going to the “Finances” tab, and under UD FLEX selecting “Transfer FLEX to Account.”

If you have any questions concerning your library account, please contact Library Account Services through the AskCirc service.