Collection Development Policy

The University of Delaware Library Film & Video Collection acquires and provides access primarily to commercially-distributed audiovisual materials and video games that meet curricular or community needs of students, faculty and staff of the University of Delaware.

The Film & Video Collection supports campus needs in all areas taught by the University and affiliated programs, including interdisciplinary topics.  Content types collected may include (but are not limited to) documentary films, instructional films, performances, performance art, animation, video games, and feature films, including independent, international and popular features.

Videos are purchased in DVD and Blu-ray format.  VHS is only purchased if necessary, e.g. if the video is not available with identical content for purchase in an updated format.  Preference is given to Region 1, NTSC-formatted DVDs, however materials can be purchased in other region codes and / or in PAL format if they are otherwise unavailable.

eVideos are licensed (as available) in support of instruction, or as part of streaming media database products.

Video games are purchased to support current and legacy console use as licensing agreements allow.

A media scheduling service is available to ensure instructor access to materials with a week or more lead-time.

The Film & Video Collection makes every effort to ensure ongoing access and the usable condition of the media it holds, by providing an appropriate storage environment and careful handling of all materials.

Gift videos and games are accepted if the title fits the parameters listed above and if the title is in a current format.  Duplicate titles will not be accepted unless the title in question currently receives high use.


Compiled by: Meghann Matwichuk, Film & Video Collection Librarian