16mm Film Collection

The Film & Video Collection has approximately 2500 16mm academic films which are available for viewing by University of Delaware faculty, students, and staff.  To explore descriptions of these films online, you may view a PDF of a section of Film & Video’s legacy 16mm film catalog.  (This section contains descriptions of the films’ content in title order.  Consult print versions for the topic and title indexes.)  All films are cataloged in DELCAT, but may not include content descriptions available via this resource.  Please note: this documentation may include information about films no longer available via the UD Library.   For help ascertaining the availability of these resources, please Ask Film & Video.

The collection includes many rare and unique titles not available in video (VHS and DVD) formats. The films span a wide range of academic subject areas, from Anthropology, Biology and other sciences, to Art, Film Studies, History, and the Social Sciences. Many were produced during the golden age of academic film, the post-Sputnik era of the 1950s and 1960s. Besides the educational value of their content, these films serve as a human and historical record, cultural artifact, and window to the past.  Explore some examples of these titles.

A catalog of the 16mm film collection is available for reference use in the Film & Video Collection. All of the 16mm films are housed in the Library Annex and may be accessed by contacting staff.  The Film & Video Collection has a viewing carrel equipped with a 16mm projector for individual use.  Make an appointment with Student Multimedia Design Center staff to view 16mm film on site by calling (302) 831-8832 during service desk hours.