Get It!

What Is Get It!?

Get It! leads researchers from a citation to the full text of an article, book chapter, document, or other published material. Get It! provides links to the appropriate resources—to an online source for the full text, to DELCAT, or to an online Interlibrary Loan form—to make it easier for you to obtain needed material.

How Can I Access Get It!?

Get It!-enabled databases display a Get It! button ( Get It! button ) (in some cases the words “Get It!”) next to citations retrieved in a results list. Databases which include Get It! are indicated by having the Get It Enabled! icon next to them when they are referenced on Library Web pages.

How Does Get It! Work?

When you click on the Get It! button, a window with a menu of options opens. A direct link to an article may be available, or else a link to the publisher’s site where you can search for the article. If it is not available online, you can check DELCAT or submit an Interlibrary Loan request.

Not every article is available online. Library subscriptions may not cover the issue that you need. Publishers may publish only selected articles from a journal or may not allow recent articles to be made available online.


  • The Get It! menu appears as a new pop-up window. It may be hidden behind another window on your desktop.
  • Make sure you have JavaScript enabled in your Web browser.
  • Turn off any “pop-up blocker” software you may have on your computer
  • Make sure you are using a current version of your Web browser software.

Where Can I Obtain Further Information about Get It!?

Consult the Get It! HELP page.