DEstination: Space

“DEstination: Space” is a traveling exhibit that recounts the history of space exploration and Delaware’s past and current vital role in this endeavor.

The exhibit is a learning experience for all ages. Designed to be a connection among people, places, and ideas, it provides a friendly, community environment where scientific learning and history can be explored, and the future pondered.

The exhibit will be on view from May 4 – May 29 in the Morris Library Reading Room.

DEstination: Space Timeline
The exhibit features a seven-foot tall timeline, visually depicting space exploration years from the first person in space in 1961 through the last of the Space Shuttle missions in 2011. Special focus is woven throughout to highlight important historical events as the space program evolved through these years.

We hope you will enjoy this educational journey through time!

Sponsored by Delaware Humanities
Delaware Humanities provides educational outreach, special projects, and funding opportunities to bring Delawareans together. We connect cultural, educational, and civic institutions statewide to provide public events that enhance our understanding of who we are, where we’ve been, and where we are going as individuals, communities, and citizens of Delaware.

For more information about the exhibit, visit Delaware Humanities online.

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