Cancelled Requests

We make every effort to fulfill University of Delaware researchers’ requests, but sometimes material cannot be supplied through ILL or the Article DELivery Service.  Here is a common list of reasons, in order of frequency of use, that requests might be cancelled.  For more information, please contact the Collections Sharing and Delivery Department.

“We are unable to obtain this item through Interlibrary Loan”

There are many situations in which Interlibrary Loan staff will try to obtain material from another library, but we are unable to locate a library that is willing or able to supply an item.  These reasons include:

Lending libraries’ restrictions: items may be displayed in DELCAT Discovery with a listing of libraries that own them, but it is up to the owning library to decide whether it can be sent on ILL.  Some libraries will not lend theses and dissertations, genealogy titles, audiovisual materials, test preparation guides, rare books, and new or popular books, Libraries outside of the United States may be unwilling to lend their materials overseas. Some publishers restrict access to their materials through licenses, and some audiovisual items and case studies are unavailable through ILL.If you need an item that cannot be loaned, you can contact the library that owns it to ask about using the material on site.  For items that are currently available for purchase, you may wish to recommend that the University of Delaware Library acquire a copy.

The item does not appear to be held by any library.  Some titles are indexed in DELCAT Discovery and Library databases, but no library has appeared to have purchased a copy of titles.  This situation is very common with self-published and other titles that have not gone through a peer review process.  We recommend contacting the librarian for your topic to find alternate sources for your project.

Conference proceedings.  Many papers and posters presented at conferences are indexed in DELCAT Discovery and Library databases, but the proceedings from those conferences may not have been published.  We recommend contacting the author directly if you would like to obtain a personal copy: authors’ information is sometimes available in the database that indexed the paper or poster.

Dissertations and theses: Some libraries will not lend dissertations and theses, and some authors do not permit online access to their work for several years after they graduate.  If a dissertation or thesis is unavailable through ILL, we recommend contacting the author directly to request a personal copy.

If you still have questions about your request’s cancellation, please contact the Collections Sharing and Delivery Department.

“Textbooks cannot be requested on Interlibrary Loan”
Required textbooks will not be obtained through ILL.  Please work with the University of Delaware Bookstore to purchase or rent your required texts.
“Available in the Morris Library”

If you receive this cancellation message, DELCAT Discovery indicates that this item is on the shelf in the Morris Library and available for you to retrieve and check out.Not sure where to find your item? The Library’s guide to Finding Books, which includes sections on Finding Books in the Library and Understanding Call Numbers, may help.

Did you look for the item but have trouble finding it? Contact the Help Desk.  They will search for the item, and if it isn’t found, they’ll update DELCAT Discovery to show that it’s missing.  At that point, you can request a copy through Interlibrary Loan.

“Available in Special Collections Reading Room”

This item is available for viewing in the Special Collections Reading Room. Special Collections largely consists of rare books, archival collections, and manuscripts.  These materials, if held by other institutions, generally are not loaned on Interlibrary Loan, and cannot be obtained on ILL as an alternative to using materials within the Library’s Special Collections Reading Room.

“Available online through a Library subscription resource”

We have confirmed that the item is available through one of the online resources to which the Library subscribes.  Be sure to use the link in the cancellation message to get to the database to ensure that you are connecting through the Library’s subscription to the resource.

Still having trouble? Report an Electronic Journal Problem or Ask the Library for assistance.

“An electronic copy of this item is not available.”
E-books are often not available through Interlibrary Loan due to licensing agreements: many libraries contract with e-book providers to offer titles to their local users only. We can attempt to borrow an e-book from another institution, but we can’t guarantee that we’ll be successful. Print copies are much easier to obtain through Interlibrary Loan, and if you are now able to come to campus to pick up a book, please let us know so that we can re-open your request.
“This request is a duplicate.”
We have found that you’ve already requested this item on a different transaction number.  Please log in to your account to review your requests, and contact us if you need assistance interpreting your request history.
“The title requested is an entire archival collection.”
WorldCat/DELCAT Discovery lists many titles that may look like books or other single items.  When you examine the record more closely, however, you may see that the item you requested is a collection of materials that have been archived by a library or other institution.  We cannot borrow entire archival collections, but you may contact the library that owns the collection to ask about viewing the materials you need on site. For general information about the arrangement of manuscript and archival collections, please visit UD’s Understanding Manuscript Collections page.