Library, Museums and Press Student Assistant Scholarship

Established in 1996, the Library, Museums and Press Student Assistant Scholarship rewards outstanding student service at the University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press. From 1996 – 2021, the scholarship was awarded to student assistants pursuing a degree in library and information science, museum studies, publishing and other allied professions. In 2022, the scholarship criteria expanded to include all graduate degree programs.

Employment in the Library, Museums and Press provides an opportunity for student and graduate assistants to build their research, customer service, problem-solving, creative, and technology skills. Because student and graduate assistants are so essential to the daily operations of the Library, Museums and Press, the scholarship program serves as a means of recognizing outstanding student employees’ work and leadership potential, as well as supporting their pursuits of graduate education.


One scholarship of $1,000 is available annually to a single student or graduate assistant. If there are no eligible applicants, no award will be distributed.

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Must be a current or former student assistant or graduate assistant who has worked at the University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press for at least one semester (a minimum of 120 hours) and has graduated within the last five (5) years.
  • Must have applied and been accepted to a graduate degree program (Masters or Ph.D.).
  • Must have a 3.0 GPA or higher at the University of Delaware.


To apply, please submit the following:

  • A completed application form.
  • A personal narrative discussing how the skills you gained working at the University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press can be applied to your graduate program or career.
  • Two letters of recommendation, one of which must be from a Library, Museums and Press staff member addressing your current or previous experience as a student or graduate assistant.
  • Proof of acceptance to graduate degree program.
  • Evidence of a 3.0 GPA or higher.

The application deadline is April 29, 2024.

To download the application form, click here.

Applications can be submitted via email or mail. See application form for details.

NOTE: The scholarship recipient will need to submit proof of enrollment in his or her graduate program to the Student Scholarship Committee prior to the award’s disbursement.


This scholarship is funded entirely by contributions from University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press staff.

Advancing this worthy cause requires continued financial support. Staff who would like to give to the scholarship should send the Student Assistant Scholarship Contribution Form, along with their tax-deductible contributions, to the Student Scholarship Committee Chair, Antoinette Yost.

Donations can be made via cash or check. Checks should be made payable to the University of Delaware, noting on the memo line: “Student Scholarship Fund.”