Faculty Research Study Policy

Library research studies are made available to faculty to facilitate ongoing library research. These research studies are designed to provide faculty a research space with easy access to the Library’s print collection as well as a location free of distractions and secure from disruptions.

Study Assignments

  • Studies are assigned based on the academic year. You may request an extension and it may be awarded but that is contingent upon the level of demand of the studies and how long our waiting list is.

  • Studies are limited to full time faculty members actively utilizing the Morris Library’s collection.

  • Study spaces are assigned with the faculty member’s research focus in mind.

Study Space Use

  • Study spaces are only accessible during library hours.

  • Study spaces are not an extension of nor an additional office space, they are for research only.

  • Faculty members are responsible for the cleanliness of their study space.

  • Faculty members are solely responsible for the removal of all items from the study space once their rental period has ended. Library staff are not responsible for the contents of the study space.

  • If you are no longer in need of your study space before your rental year is over, inform the Help Center so that the space may be rented to another faculty member.

Library Materials in Study Spaces

  • All library materials must be checked out onto the faculty member’s account before being brought into the study space.

Study Space Renewal

  • Faculty members must communicate with the Help Center (in person or contacting Ask The Library | 302-831-2455) if they wish to extend their rental period an additional year.

  • If a study space is not renewed, the faculty member within 30 days of notifying the Help Center, must vacate the space, remove all personal effects, and return the room’s key to the Help Center. After 30 days, if the faculty member has not cleared out the study space, library staff will clear the space of its contents and assign the space to another faculty member.

End of Rental Period

  • All library materials must be returned to the Help Center by the end of the reservation period of the study space. The library will notify the faculty member of the approaching deadline in advance.

  • All personal items and any trash must be removed by the faculty member by the end of the reservation period.

  • The study space key must also be returned by the end of the reservation period, to the Help Center. Failure to return the key will result in a $75 replacement fee.

Retired Faculty

If you are a retired faculty member, there is a faculty research space just for you! Click here or stop by the Help Center for more information.