Obtaining a Locker

Library lockers on the second floor and lower level of the Morris Library are assigned on a first come, first served basis to any individual with borrowing privileges. No deposit is required. To obtain a locker, users need to present their ID card or library card at the Help Center where books are checked out. The following regulations govern the use of lockers:

  • Lockers are assigned for one academic year only. Assignments must be renewed at the Help Center.
  • Locks are provided by the Library and must remain on the lockers. Personal locks will be removed.
  • All library books kept in a locker must be charged out at the Help Center.
  • Lockers will be inspected to ensure that books are properly charged out. Books that are not charged out will be removed.
  • Failure to observe these regulations will result in cancellation of the locker assignment.
  • If repeated inspections indicate that a locker is not being used, the locker holder will be asked to relinquish the locker assignment.

Note: The Library cannot be responsible for property lost from lockers. Do not leave valuables in lockers.