African American Newspapers

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This database contains the complete text of the major African American newspapers published in the United States and Canada during the 19th century. Included are:

Canadian Observer, Toronto, ON Canada (1914-1919
Christian Recorder, Philadelphia, PA (1851-1902)
Colored American, New York, NY (1837-1841)
Douglass Monthly, Rochester, NY (1859-1863)
Frederick Douglass’ Paper, Rochester, NY (1851-1863)
Freedmen’s Record, Boston, MA (1865-1874)
Freedom’s Journal, New York, NY (1827-1829)
National Era, Washington, D.C. (1847-1860)
Negro Business League Herald, Washington, D.C. (1909)
North Star, Rochester, NY (1847-1851)
Provincial Freeman, Chatham, Canada West (Ontario) (1854-1857)
Weekly Advocate, New York, NY (1837)

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