The ERC is closed for Spring 2021

  • Request ERC materials using the Retrieval Request Form. Items are picked up at Morris Library as part of the Library Pickup Service.
  • Test kits are searchable in DELCAT Discovery and protocols are available for purchase that align with those test kits.
  • NEW: School of Education students and faculty can obtain specialized test kits and protocols at the ERC. Contact ERC staff at to make an appointment.
  • Contact Meg Grotti, the School of Education library liaison, for locating materials using the collections and services in Morris Library.

Contact ERC staff at:

How Can the Education Resource Center Help You?

Services and Resources to Make Better Educators

The Education Resource Center (ERC) provides curriculum resources and related services to help prepare and support educators — PreK through college — to meet national and Delaware content and performance standards. The ERC is part of the Public Services and Outreach Division of the University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press.

Services and materials include: