The ERC is closed for Spring 2021

  • Request ERC materials using the Retrieval Request Form. Items are picked up at Morris Library as part of the Library Pickup Service.
  • Test kits are searchable in DELCAT Discovery and protocols are available for purchase that align with those test kits.
  • NEW: School of Education students and faculty can obtain specialized test kits and protocols at the ERC. Contact ERC staff at to make an appointment.
  • Contact Meg Grotti, the School of Education library liaison, for locating materials using the collections and services in Morris Library.

Contact ERC staff at:

How Can the Education Resource Center Help You?

Services and Materials

The Education Resource Center (ERC) provides curriculum resources and related services to help prepare and support educators — PreK through college — to meet national and Delaware content and performance standards. The ERC is part of the Public Services and Outreach Division of the University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press.