Education Resource Center Policies

The materials in the Education Resource Center are available to University of Delaware faculty, staff and students with a valid University of Delaware ID card.

  • In order to obtain a patron number, individuals must present a valid University of Delaware ID card and complete a patron registration form with current contact information. Photo ID is also required if there is no photo on the UD ID card.
  • Patrons are wholly responsible for all items borrowed on his/her account and liable for all fines and charges to the account.
  • Patrons are responsible for keeping track of all due dates and returning or renewing materials by the due date.
  • In order to allow equal access of materials to all patrons, items must be returned and re-shelved after the maximum renewal before the original user can borrow them again.
  • Non-University of Delaware patrons may use the resources within the Education Resource Center. In order to borrow materials from the ERC, non-University patrons must obtain a Community Patron Card.
  • No item will be checked out to patrons with delinquent fines totaling $5.00 or more or with overdue loans on their accounts.

General Collection

The general collection of the ERC includes children’s books, videos, and software; curriculum materials and
professional development items.

  • Loan period for the General Collection is 14 days, not including Sundays, holidays and other ERC closures, with a maximum of 2 renewals.

Multimedia Equipment Collection

The Multimedia Equipment Collection includes laptops, iPads, calculators, projectors, Karaoke machine,
cameras and camcorders, projection screens, tripods, digital voice recorders, cassette recorders, microphones,
transcription machines, desktop presenters, TV/VCR combos, TVs, VCRs, DVD players, amplifier/speakers
systems, CD players, etc. Loan periods and the number of allowed renewals varies with the item.
Circulation of this equipment is restricted to UD Patrons ONLY.

  • iPADS may be checked out for a period of 3 days with no renewals for students.
  • LAPTOPS may be checked out for a 4-hour period and must be returned by the end of the day. There
    are no overnight or weekend loans and no renewals.
  • Equipment items other than laptops and iPads are circulated on a limited basis with loan periods
    varying from 1 day to 1 week depending upon the item. There are no renewals for students.
  • Students may borrow only 1 per type of equipment at a time. (EX. 1 laptop or 1 iPAD)
  • Equipment must be returned at the end of the loan period. The same type of equipment may not be checked out by the same user for 24 hours from the check-in time.
  • Borrowing privileges may be revoked if equipment is lost, returned damaged or software applications on laptops, iPads and SWIVL’s are altered or removed.
  • If equipment is not returned to the ERC before the due date/time, an overdue fine of 15 dollars per day, 1 dollar per day for cables, 1 dollar an hour for In-Library-Use Only items, and 15 dollars an hour for laptop loans, to a maximum of 165 dollars is charged.  A user will also be blocked from borrowing additional Library materials if something is overdue.

Assistive Technology Equipment

The Assistive Technology Equipment collection includes Interwrite Schoolpads, Neo-2 AlphaSmart, ReadingPen
TS, TouchWindow, Intellikeys keyboard, switches, trackballs and joysticks, and other equipment and software.

  • Loan periods for these items are 3 days or 14 days, depending on the item.

Periodicals, Tests and Reserves

  • Periodicals have a loan period of 3 days with a maximum of 2 renewals.
  • Test kits have a loan period of 10 days with no renewals. Please see the ERC Test Kit Policies for details.
  • Reserve items have loan periods of 2 hours, 1 day, 2 days or 1 week depending on the faculty request with a maximum of 2 renewals.
  • TESTS are restricted to UD faculty and students.

Fines and other charges

Fines are charged to encourage the prompt return of materials and allow equal access to all. Fines are
computed from the day the material is due until the day it is returned or renewed. Fines for lost or damaged
materials will be based on the replacement cost of the item. Fines may be paid at the ERC Circulation Desk
with FLEX, cash or by check made payable to the University of Delaware. It is not the policy of the ERC to
waive fines.

  • General Collection
    • $0.10/day Overdue fine
  • Multimedia Equipment
    • $15/day – Laptops, SWIVL’s, Expand Case
    • $10/day – iPADs
    • $5/day – Cameras, Camcorders, Projectors, Karaoke, Speaker/amplifier
    • $2/day – Other equipment
  • Assistive Technology Equipment
    • $5/day – Neo-2, Interwrite Schoolpad, TouchWindow, ReadingPen, Intellikeys keyboard
    • $0.10/day – Other items
  • Periodicals, Tests, Reserves
    • $2/day Overdue fine


Items not currently available, may be placed on HOLD. Once the item is available, the patron will be notified
and must collect the item within 24 hours. Patrons may reserve items for pickup at a date in the future by
placing a HOLD and specifying a pickup date. Patrons will NOT be notified and must pick up the item within
24 hours of the specified date. All items not picked up within 24 hours will be returned to circulation.

NON-UD Patrons – Community Patrons

Non-University of Delaware patrons (patrons without a valid UD ID) may use the ERC General Collection
Materials within the ERC without paying the Patron Fee. Community Patrons who want to borrow General
Collection Materials and Assistive Technology, must purchase a COMMUNITY PATRON CARD.

  • Community Patron Fee (valid for one year from date of purchase)
    • Delaware Resident – $25
    • Non-Delaware Resident – $60
  • Patrons must present a photo ID to purchase the COMMUNITY PATRON CARD and each time the
    Patron borrows materials.
  • The COMMUNITY PATRON CARD is non-transferable, and borrowing rights will be voided if the card is
    used by someone other than the registered patron or if borrowing privileges are abused (i.e., excessive
    overdue fines, etc.)
  • Non-UD Patrons may not borrow tests, reserve materials or items in the Multimedia Equipment
    Collection (i.e., laptops and multi-media equipment).
  • No item will be checked out to patrons with delinquent fines totaling $5.00 or more or
    with overdue loans on their accounts.
  • ***NOTE – Delaware State and Delaware Technical & Community College students and faculty may
    receive a borrower’s card at no cost but must present a valid student ID and photo ID. They are
    considered NON-UD PATRONS.
  • ***WILMINGTON UNIVERSITY students MUST PAY the $25 patron fee and are entered as NON-UD