Connect to Resource provides free public access to federal legislative information. It has full text of all Public Laws and of all versions of House and Senate bills dating back to 1989 (101st Congress). It provides full text of the Congressional Record (1989 to present), available as browsable individual issues and searchable by keywords and by name of a member of Congress. The Congressional Record Index provides subjects and name indexing and covers 1995 (104th Congress) onward. provides the full text of Congressional committee reports from 1989. The Bill Summary and Status database (BSS) covers 93rd Congress (1973-1974) to the present. Additionally, has links to related sites, such as the “Century of Lawmaking” digital collection, and information about Congress and the legislative process.

Constituent parts include:

  • Bills, Resolutions: search bill text for current Congress, search bill summary & status [93rd Congress (1973) through current Congress], search multiple Congresses [101st Congress (1989) through current Congress], search bill text or bill summary & status for previous Congresses, Public Laws by law number [93rd Congress (1973) through current Congress], House roll call votes [101st Congress, 2nd session (1990) through current Congress], Senate roll call votes [101st Congress, 1st session (1989) through current Congress], and browse legislation by sponsor [93rd Congress (1993) through current Congress]
  • Activity in Congress: Yesterday in Congress, House Floor Now
  • Congressional Record: Congressional Record latest daily digest, search the Congressional Record [101st Congress (1989) through current Congress], and Congressional Record Index
  • Schedules, Calendars: Days-in-Session Calendars, House Floor This Week
  • Committee Information: Search Committee Reports
  • Presidential Nominations
  • Treaties [90th Congress (1967) through current Congress]
  • Government Resources