The Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals, 1824-1900

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The vast majority of articles written for Victorian periodicals were published anonymously, or under pseudonyms. The Wellesley Index identifies the authors of articles within 45 major Victorian periodicals, and provides a bibliography for each contributor. It incorporates the Curran Index of corrections and additions to the original index.

Citations of evidence are provided to support attributions of authorship, along with brief biographical and vocational details. 45 important monthly and quarterly titles are included, covering the period from the beginning of the Westminster Review in 1824 to the end of the century. The exception to this is the Edinburgh Review, which is indexed from first issue, in 1802. Wellesley does not index poetry.

Journals include: Ainsworth’s Magazine, The Atlantis, Bentley”s Miscellany, Bentley’s Quarterly Review, Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, British and Foreign Review, British Quarterly Review, Contemporary Review, Cornhill Magazine, Dark Blue, Dublin Review, Dublin University Magazine, Eclectic Review, Edinburgh Review (including 1802-1823), Foreign Quarterly Review, Foreign Review, 1828-1830, Fortnightly Review, Fraser’s Magazine, Home and Foreign Review, London and Westminster Review (1836-1840), London Quarterly Review, London Review (1829), London Review (1835-1836), Longmans Magazine, Macmillan’s Magazine, Modern Review, Monthly Chronicle, National Review (1855-1864), National Review (1883-), New Monthly Magazine (1821-1854), New Quarterly Magazine, New Review, Nineteenth Century, North British Review, Oxford and Cambridge Magazine, Prospective Review, Quarterly Review, Rambler, Saint Paul’s, Scottish Review (1882-1900), Tait’s Edinburgh Magazine (1832-1855), Temple Bar, Theological Review, University Magazine, and Westminster Review (1824-1836, 1840-1900).

Coverage: 1824-1900

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