About UDSpace: The University of Delaware Institutional Repository

The Institutional Repository is a digital library system that uses open source DSpace software to capture, index, preserve, and distribute the intellectual output of the University of Delaware research faculty, staff, and students in digital formats.

About DSpace Software and the DuraSpace Organization

DSpace software was jointly developed in 2002 by MIT Libraries and Hewlett Packard. Fedora Commons and the DSpace Foundation, two of the largest providers of open source software for managing and providing access to digital content, joined together in 2009 to form the DuraSpace Organization. Jointly, they will provide leadership and innovation in open source technologies for global communities who manage, preserve, and provide access to digital content.

What is in the Institutional Repository?

The Institutional Repository consists of University of Delaware original research in digital form, including articles, working papers, technical reports, conference papers, books, data sets, the University’s undergraduate and graduate catalog, images, and more.

Is this all of University of Delaware Research?

No. The Institutional Repository is limited to digital research materials for which the copyright is owned by the author or the University. For items published in journals or books, online or in print, go to the Library Web site and consult DELCAT Discovery (the University of Delaware Library catalog), Electronic Journals, or Databases page provided by the Library. The Institutional Repository is growing rapidly and, as a result, research is being added on a continuing basis.

Benefits for the University of Delaware

The Institutional Repository offers the opportunity to provide access to research of the institution through one interface. The Institutional Repository represents University of Delaware scholarship and showcases the international prominence of the faculty and staff, both individually and collectively. The ability to distribute research results quickly will emphasize the cutting-edge nature of University of Delaware research. The DSpace software is available under an open source license so that other institutions can establish similar digital repositories.

The Institutional Repository will provide access to and manage materials in a professionally maintained archive giving them increased visibility and accessibility over time.

Benefits of Participation

For Communities

The Institutional Repository is designed to make participation easy. Communities (such as schools, departments, labs, and centers) can adapt the system to meet their individual needs and manage the submission process themselves. Communities can create as many collections as they wish in the Institutional Repository. Each collection can be established with different contributors, access, and workflow options. The Institutional Repository showcases the work of the community to researchers worldwide. The interdisciplinary content of the archive will attract a wider audience than a repository dedicated to one discipline. The Institutional Repository relieves community staff of the time-consuming chores entailed in maintaining a publications presence on the Web. The Library provides guidance in establishing new Institutional Repository communities and assistance to faculty and staff and other users of the system.

For the User

The Institutional Repository enables easy and remote access to the university’s research and scholarly materials from one location.