About Digital Scholarship

What is Digital Scholarship? We partner with faculty and students to use digital methods or tools in their research, teaching, and learning. Digital methods include (but are not limited to) things like text mining, data visualization or curation, machine learning, data publishing, or using mapping software.

Digital scholarship librarians consult on the scope and scale of proposed projects – balancing the need for projects to be big enough to accomplish their goals, and small enough to fit into folks’ complex schedules. We emphasize sustainability (even if it means planning for ephemerality!) and ethics in planning digital projects.

We can also help people think through publishing and platform choices – figuring out what tool(s) will allow them to be successful in presenting materials or analysis and reaching the audience(s) they hope to connect with. 

Our roles in projects can be fluid, meaning we may work as any combination of project managers, technical support, web developers, server admins, designers of pedagogy, and intellectual partners. We also work as guest instructors, provide advice on digital pedagogy, and serve as mentors for people seeking to build a digital skillset.