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Digital Scholarship

Digital scholarship services support students and faculty in (1) implementing and sustaining quality digital projects that help answer research questions through consultation, instruction, and limited development support, and (2)  learning how to understand and use digital scholarship tools, methods, and modes of analysis. If you are interested in having students explore digital mapping, data analysis, and data visualization, we invite you to reach out to Paige Morgan, Associate Librarian and Digital Publishing and Copyright Librarian.

Reference & Instruction Data Activities

Reference and Instructional Services provides support for research data management (RDM) throughout the research process offering both individual consultations and public workshops. Learn how to plan and implement data management throughout the entire research process—from the inception of the research idea to long-term storage and access after the results are published. Additional assistance is offered with regards to writing data management plans, finding funding requirements, understanding file formats, and short- and long-term storage strategies.

Student Multimedia Design Center (SMDC)

Wouldn’t a map displaying relevant data help your students understand the big picture or show others patterns? Students can learn how to share information visually using GIS as about 80% of data includes a geospatial attribute. The Student Multimedia Design Center on the lower level of the Morris Library has a digital mapping station running ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS Pro. GIS workshops and consultations are available in the Library. Ask at a service desk for more information.

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