Apply for an Open and Affordable Course Material Grant

About Open and Affordable Teaching Materials Grants

The University of Delaware Library, in partnership with the Center for Teaching and Assessment of Learning, has historically provided small, one-time grants to University of Delaware faculty and instructors who make their courses more affordable for their students by using low-cost materials, library content, or open educational resources (OER). Our goal is to support course material affordability at UD, promote the use of open and affordable educational resources, and empower faculty to innovate their teaching through the use of open, free, or library-licensed materials.

The proposal period for the 2022-2023 has now closed.  The next proposal period will open in March, 2023.

There are four ways for faculty and instructors interested in reducing course costs with support from this grant program to proceed:

Get started in a small course

$500 for an individual working to enrich an existing, small course (49 students or fewer) by incorporating open educational resources and/or library-licensed materials in order to significantly reduce costs, or $600 per person for teams working to enrich a small course which is offered via 5 or more unique sections in a typical semester.

Get started in a large course

$1,500 for individuals that wish to enrich a large enrollment (50 or more students) course or courses. Additional funds may be available for teams working on course sequences or multi-section courses.

Make existing OER better

Up to $1,000 grants to individuals or teams who wish to adapt an existing open educational resource to fit the needs of their course through substantial alterations, edits, or remixing. This could involve faculty creating contextual framing or other supporting material in order to incorporate a copyrighted text (or an excerpt) as a transformative fair use.


Any faculty (full-time or part-time) or instructor of record delivering courses at the University of Delaware is eligible to apply. Grant applications must include a letter of support from the department chair, in order to demonstrate departmental support for the ongoing sustainability of the project.

Open and Affordable Teaching Material Grant FAQs

Read our Frequently Asked Questions about Open Education Resource grants.


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