Multimedia Project Planning

Brief Description:

This activity asks students to plan for their multimedia project by identifying the specifics of the content they need to find or create. At the beginning of the project, students may have a sense of what they need to find, but setting aside the time to brainstorm the details of their project can helpful and timesaving when searching for content and compiling the project. The worksheet covers a range of multimedia types; questions are included for each type of multimedia to prompt students to think about their project needs.

Primary Learning Outcome:

  • Compare the unique attributes of different information formats and describe the significance of using a particular format in a research project. (4.3)

 Additional Learning Outcomes:

  • Construct and perform iterative searches using multiple research tools in order to find information related to component parts of the research topic. (2.2)
  • Monitor gathered sources and envision what additional information and perspectives are needed. (2.4)

 Time Needed:

15-20 minutes



Introduce this activity by encouraging students to think specifically about what they need to find or create for their multimodal assignment. The more descriptive they can be in thinking through their various multimedia needs, the more direction they will have when searching for the content.

After students have completed the worksheet, have them discuss their brainstorming results with a partner. In talking through their content needs together, students can help each other identify potential ideas and sources for their project.

Instructor’s Notes:

The worksheet is designed to cover different types of multimedia, and students may not need to find or create all of these different types. Direct students to fill out only what applies to their project, or modify the Microsoft Word version to fit your specific project needs. This activity works best when students have identified their topic and medium and have already begun to think about the specifics of their project.

This can be a helpful activity before students complete a storyboard for their project. Whereas this worksheet asks students to identify their content needs, a storyboard allows them to critically engage with how their multimedia elements will work together to create an effective project. For more information on storyboarding and templates, visit:

Multimedia Connections:

The multimedia related activities in this repository all work well together and can be used to facilitate the planning portion of a multimedia project.

After developing a list of different multimedia elements needed for the project, students can search for and then evaluate a multimedia source, using the worksheets in the Expanding Evaluation Strategies for Traditional and New Media Sources activity.

After identifying what they need to find in their images, students can search for Creative Commons licensed images and practice constructing attributions to acknowledge using the image in their own project. The Finding and Citing Creative Commons Images activity provides instructional materials about Creative Commons licenses and attributions.

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