Today in class we had a guest lecturer from the UD library give a presentation.  She went through the databases and showed us how to properly search for sources.  I thought this was very simple and that I was good at looking for sources, but I quickly realized there is a lot more to it than I originally thought. Overall, this lecture was incredibly helpful and I only wish that I had something like it sooner!!

Biomedical Communication Student


I’ve always found the staff at the Library extremely supportive of my teaching and research, but I have to single out the staff in the Film and Video Collection as outstanding.  Over the years, they’ve scheduled videos for class screenings, ordered new videos for my courses (some at very short notice indeed), set up Viewing Room screenings, managed ‘reserve’ lists of AV materials, notified me about new releases I might be interested in, provided me with a dedicated viewing space for research in the Media Research Room, and generally been both exceptionally responsive to my requests and exceptionally proactive in providing all the resources I could possibly need.  In all the years I’ve been at UD, they have never once let me down.  I’m everlastingly indebted to them all.”

Thomas Leitch
Professor, English


My experience with the Film and Video collection can be described in one word: outstanding. Since I joined UD in 2005, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Meghann Matwichuk and the staff at the Film and Video Collection, who have assisted me in making all my courses more engaging through the use of film.

Carla Guerrón Montero
Associate Professor, Anthropology
Director of Latin American and Iberian Studies (LAIS) Program


Special Collections made an enormous contribution to my course on historic books and book conservation. My students were able to examine and handle everything from Babylonian clay tablets to medieval alchemy manuscripts on parchment to the beautiful 19th century printed books in the Mark Samuels Lasner Collection. The Special Collections librarians always did a terrific job of selecting collections materials that would instruct and astound us, and of explaining their importance to the history of the book.

Renee Woolcott
Book Conservator, Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts


I love when students have eye-opening experiences, even when we feel we are presenting very basic information that everyone “has heard before.”  Thank you again for being willing to come speak with my students and to set them on the right track for finding excellent references.  … this class had the LEAST problems with formatting and finding appropriate sources of any class I’ve had so far.

Erin Brannick
Assistant Professor, Department of Animal and Food sciences


Dr. Iheanacho provided my students with tips for successfully navigating library databases, and more importantly, with the assurance that any project-related information they can’t find is simply information they have not found YET and to not give up when they are unable to locate information immediately. This positive, constructive attitude made a huge difference in how the students approached the challenges of their projects and, with any luck, will help them in future endeavors.

Meryl Gardner
Associate Professor, Business Administration


I use the services of the Morris Library’s Film and Video Collection in every aspect of my teaching because I use both film clips and full-length films in all my courses. I’ve relied on the experts there to help me locate films from Asia and on Islam — the focus of my teaching; to help me find films that I otherwise would have never found on my own; to help me create often extensive lists of films I ask my students to watch outside of class; and often to discuss the very nature of using films as a pedagogic method in teaching.

Patricia Sloane-White
Associate Professor, Anthropology

In the students’ cover letters for their assignment, many specifically credited Hannah Lee’s instruction as invaluable for helping them produce their videos and slide shows. Several students were apprehensive about completing the assignment, but ended up being proud of themselves for figuring things out and having the resources from the SMDC [Student Multimedia Design Center] was essential to building that confidence and ability.

Stephanie Kerschbaum, Associate Professor, English

The students always are awed from the initial tour of the SMDC [Student Multimedia Design Center] by either Nico or Hannah. Then they benefit from training workshops on the various software they use for each project.

Scott Duarte, Instructor, English Language Institute

The workshop was excellent. Students absolutely used what they learned about editing to create their videos, and produced quality work given the time constraints and resources of the course.

Caitlin Larracey, Teaching Assistant, English

The librarian (Lauren) very patiently worked with me to try to fit the needs of my course’s specific assignment in the design of her lesson, as I myself was still trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to use the library day for…. focusing on research broadly conceived and in multiple formats is the way to go.

Brooks Lampe, post-doctoral researcher, English

We highly recommend to all of our Theatre students that they explore the resources of the extensive Film and Video Collection.  We assign specific films for individual student reference and research because this provides unique access to the history of performance art.  We also have used the Viewing Room regularly for classes, and Film & Video staff have always provided expertise and prompt assistance to assure an excellent viewing experience.

Professor Jewell Walker and Instructor Marjorie Walker, Department of Theatre

For our website assignment, original video content has always been encouraged. However, this semester we were able to schedule a video editing tutorial with Hannah Lee, and the amount and quality of the original video content was greatly increased. Having this option allowed students with this interest and aptitude to contribute in a different way that was very effective in communicating their understanding of the course concepts.

Jennifer Fuqua, Instructor, School of Public Policy and Administration

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