About UDSpace

UDSpace: The University of Delaware Institutional Repository

The University of Delaware Institutional Repository (IR) is a digital platform that preserves and provides long-term access to scholarly research outputs produced by UD students, faculty and staff. UDSpace showcases the University’s research output and helps increase the visibility and impact of the University’s research, including articles, theses, working papers and technical reports.

Researchers at the University of Delaware use UDSpace to make their scholarly works openly accessible. Faculty may use UDSpace to fulfill the University of Delaware Faculty Senate Open Access Resolution and, in many cases, researchers may use UDSpace to comply with funding agency open access requirements.

Faculty, staff and students can deposit their research material directly into UDSpace. To submit materials to UDSpace, researchers can use the UDSpace submission form or email openaccess@udel.edu. The Open Access team reviews submissions and ensures compliance with any relevant copyright or licensing policies.