Deposit Policies

Access/Deposit Policy and Distribution License

UDSpace is designed to facilitate indefinite open and public access to material that is deposited in it. Though material may be deposited with an embargo period, it may not be embargoed indefinitely. Once deposited in UDSpace, material will not be removed, in most cases. After material has been deposited, it will be indexed by Google and other search engines, which will create cached copies — so even removing material from UDSpace does not guarantee that the material will not be available on the internet. If you have material that you want to make temporarily available, UDSpace is not an appropriate location for it.

You should only deposit material for which you hold the copyright or for which you have explicit permission from the creator or copyright holder. If you are depositing work that belongs to someone else, you must make sure that they understand that the material will be publicly available indefinitely. You are responsible for making sure that you have appropriate rights to deposit and share material.

When you deposit material, you will be required to grant the University of Delaware a non-exclusive distribution license for the material that you are distributing. This license gives us permission to store your material and make it findable through the web. It does not require you to give up your copyright, and it allows you to share the material in other places besides UDSpace, if you choose to. The text of the license is available here.