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Church Missionary Society Periodicals sheds light on key events since the beginning of the 19th century. With active mission stations in every continent, the published journals, letters and reports represent a global perspective on not only evangelism and mission history but conflict, colonialism and globalization.


  • Trace the lives and postings of all men and women employed as missionaries from 1804-1928 in the annotated Registers of Missionaries Yes Magazine (continuation of The CMS Gleaner) up to 2009, representing contemporary missionary work
  • Letters and serialized accounts of indigenous peoples, practices and missionary encounters
  • Newsletters from native churches and student missions from key stations in China and Japan
  • Learn about the Society‚Äôs role in vaccination programs in Africa, campaigns against foot-binding in China and against child-marriage in India
  • A rich source of illustrations and photographs
  • Publications aimed at specific demographics such as women and children

Provider: Adam Matthew
Coverage: 1804-2009

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