Catalog of Nonprofit Literature

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Catalog of Nonprofit Literature is a searchable database of the literature of philanthropy, the foundation world, the nonprofit sector—particularly works on such topics as fundraising and proposal development—and works related to charitable giving, including project reports, studies, and statistical analyses. Included are references to works on theory, philosophy, and workings of domestic and international philanthropy as well as histories of individual foundations. Literature on all aspects of company-sponsored foundations and corporate giving is included, as are materials related to the nonprofit sector, its composition, administration, and management. Included are publications that discuss the impact of government policies and funding upon the sector and the legal and tax implications of local, state, and federal regulation and legislation. Voluntarism and revenue generating activities of nonprofits are also covered. Materials issued by foundations or resulting from studies or projects funded by foundations may also be included.

The Catalog of Nonprofit Literature contains citations to materials collected by the Foundation Center’s five libraries as well as selected literature from other sources. This authoritative bibliography of works in the field of philanthropy contains more than 24,900 bibliographic entries, of which more than 17,000 have abstracts.

Coverage: 1989-

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