Digital Bibliography of Delaware

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A new compilation of bibliographies created by many individuals and organizations. The information presented includes two previously published bibliographies (Bibliography of Delaware through 1960 and Bibliography of Delaware, 1960-1974), annual bibliographies created and published by the Delaware Historical Society (formerly known as the Historical Society of Delaware), and additional entries created by Robert Fleck, proprietor of Oak Knoll Books.

The project was intitiated by Robert Fleck, who created a personal and professional database of materials included. Mr. Fleck determined that the public would benefit from increased access to this substantial database and contacted the University of Delaware Library to host this online version.

Some of the materials listed in this bibliography have been digitized by Google as part of its Google Books project. Links have been provided to those digitized versions of sufficient quality for use as resource materials. In some cases, alternate editions have been digitized by Google. When that is the case, the link will identify the digitized version as a variant edition. Materials that are in the public domain that have not been reproduced by others will be digitized so that additional resources included in this database may be available for public access.