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GenderWatch is a full-text collection of international journals, magazines, newsletters, regional publications, special reports and conference proceedings devoted to women’s and gender issues.

It provides in-depth coverage of the subjects that are uniquely central to women’s daily lives, including family, childbirth, birth control, daycare, domestic abuse, work and the workplace, sexual harassment, aging, aging parents, body image, eating disorders, and social and societal roles. It also includes content on the impact of gender and gender roles on areas such as the arts, popular culture and media, business and work, crime and criminology, education, research and scholarship, family, health care and medicine, politics, policy and legislation, pornography, religion, sexuality and sexology, sports and leisure.

GenderWatch contains a significant body of archival material dating back to the mid-1970s. Additional archival material continues to be added.

Coverage: mid-1970s to the present

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