Global Financial Data (GFDatabase)

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This database requires that you either login anonymously or create an account. The UD Library is a subscriber, so there is no charge to you for either type of access.

For anonymous access – Use the pulldown for Client Login at the top of the page. Then click on Login Anonymously.

To create an account – Use the pulldown for Client Login at the top of the page. Register for an account. This includes accepting the terms of their agreement. IMPORTANT: create your account using your UD email address. Creating a personal account allows you to download and save research and create workbooks.

Global Financial Data is the most complete collection of historical and current financial and economic data available in the world. It provides data from 1265 to the present and spanning more than 200 global markets. In addition to providing current market data, GFD specializes in transcribing historical data sources into research-quality databases of information. Data is compiled from original source documents such as academic journals, news periodicals, books and numerous other archival sources.

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