The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources

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The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources is a fully searchable archive of the published records of the American colonies, documents published by state constitutional conventions, state codes, city charters, law dictionaries, digests, and more. The collection brings together in one place many of the important documents that have been lost, destroyed, or previously inaccessible to researchers of American legal history around the world.

The term “primary sources” is used not in the historian’s sense of a manuscript, letter, or diary, but rather in the legal sense of a case, statute, or regulation. This collection is a digital archive of cases, statues and regulations in America’s history.

This collection can also be searched in Gale Primary Sources, an integrated platform that combines Gale’s digital archives into a single cross-searchable interface.

Provider: Gale
Coverage: 1620-1926

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