Nutrition Care Manual

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Nutrition information and clinical tools for dietitians, dietetic technicians, and other health care professionals. Main sections include:

  • Risk Screen – to support nursing services. Contains the nutritional indicators or criteria (by disease or condition) that should prompt a nutrition consult order for a dietitian to provide nutrition care.
  • Diseases – 80 diseases and conditions. Background information about diseases and conditions that may be helpful in providing nutrition care to patients.
  • Nutrition Care – uses the 4-step Nutrition Care Process to provide nutrition care for various diseases and conditions
  • Calculators – BMI & Weight Range, Body Surface Area, REE/EEE, Calorie Intake Diabetic Exchange, Metric Converter, Milligram to Milliequivalent Converter, Gestational Age, Pediatric Growth, Renal, Formulary
  • Formulary – various types of oral and tube feeding nutritional solutions
  • Client Education – patient handouts, sample menus
  • Meal Plans – nutrition therapy foods and sample menus
  • Resources – contributors, cultural food practices, dietary reference intakes, fad diets, food guidance system, food safety, medical nutrition therapy (MNT), nutrition care process (NCP), obsolete diets, ordering nutrition prescriptions, pediatrics, vegetarian, section references, Web links (to some 1,000 quality sites)
  • ADA Catalog – publications, products, subscriptions, meeting registrations, and membership payments

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