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PolicyMap is a cloud based data and mapping platform that facilitates the analyses of large amounts of data and quickly displays the data through maps, tables, charts and reports.

PolicyMap enables users to create maps and provides access to more than 37,000 indicators related to demographics, income/spending, housing, lending, quality of life, economy, education, health,  jobs, crime, and education. The data is available across a wide range of geographies (address, block groups, census tract, zip code, county, city, state, MSA) in addition to school districts, HUD neighborhoods,  and political boundaries.

With the mapping tools, “3-Layers Map” to find places that match two or three criteria of data on a single map and “Data Loader” to upload own spreadsheet of data to make the location points on a map, users can easily identify or visualize an interesting neighborhood or a target area for public investment or an interesting research area.

PolicyMap includes both publicly-available and proprietary data; please refer to the detailed Data Directory for sources, years of data available, and geographic coverage.

A PolicyMap Tutorial, is available.

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