Anatomy of Protest in America

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Anatomy of Protest in America is a two part collection of primary source materials related to the history of protests in America from the 1700s through the 1920s. Topics include colonial exploitation and revolution, slavery and abolition, political rights and suffrage, and economic and industrial disturbances.

Part I: Newspapers – 1729-1922: Provides real-time reporting of an event, place, or person. Popular editorials from the person on the street, the rioter and protester, and the leaders’ points of view, professed goals, and personal opinions are presented for the reader to assess and understand the meaning and motivations of popular protest actions.

Part II: Books – 1701-1928: Offers a historical overview and framework for understanding protest and its movements in American history. Woven into the fabric of local and regional history, Part II provides an engaging narrative history on social, political, and economic movements and their actions.

Coverage: 1701-1928

The purchase of Anatomy of Protest in America was made possible through a grant from the Unidel Foundation.

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