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The Washington Post (often referred to as TWP or WaPo) covers national and global news, politics and national security, business and technology, arts and entertainment, sports, and local and regional news. Sections include a range of topical areas — education, climate and environment, science, health, immigration, and more. TWP‘s investigative journalists cover a range of issues of national and international importance, and opinion columnists focus on politics, economics, culture, international news and other topics.

The Washington Post Online includes multimedia resources only available in the online edition and access to content published in real-time. Updates are continually added throughout the day.

Washington Post apps are not included with the institutional subscription, but access is available on any browser on a smart-enabled device. Content is highly optimized for use across devices and browsers.

Coverage: 2005 to the present. Selected earlier content is accessible, particularly investigative journalism content related to U.S. President Richard Nixon and Watergate dating back to 1968. Search features do not enable limiting to specific date ranges so the extent of this content is unknown.

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