Dr. Paige Morgan

Digital Publishing and Copyright Librarian, Head of Digital Scholarship and Publishing Services
Phone: (302) 831-7153

Dr. Paige Morgan has previously worked at the University of Miami Libraries as Digital Scholarship Librarian & Scholarly Publishing Officer, and as a CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow at the Lewis and Ruth Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship at McMaster University. She holds a PhD in English and Textual Studies from the University of Washington. In the past ten years, Paige has worked within the field of digital scholarship & publishing in several capacities: as a researcher, instructor, data wrangler, and community/curriculum builder.

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Kayla Abner

Digital Scholarship Librarian
Phone: (302) 831-6973

Kayla Abner is enthusiastic about teaching as a means to empower scholars to create meaningful and feasible digital projects. Past experiences include work in web scraping, relational databases, data curation and visualization, computational text analysis, and digital mapping. Kayla investigates barriers that prevent scholars from engaging with digital methods, tools, and learning opportunities. Her interests include digital humanities, data curation, visualization, and digital creativity.

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Dr. Daniel Peart

Data Services Librarian
Phone: (302) 831-0480

Dr. Daniel Peart received his PhD in Anthropology from the Ohio State University. In his career, Daniel has become a seasoned researcher, participating in pan-disciplinary ecological and social research on behalf of the National Science Foundation. Daniel has trained researchers on data management strategies, data analysis techniques, and the integration of qualitative and quantitative data into analytical computer models. Daniel enjoys working with researchers to overcome data challenges. His education agenda emphasizes best practices for data management and data ethics to promote information literacy.

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