Preserving Our Past

With the Library, Museums and Press, users can step into history through archives that include manuscripts, maps, artwork, gems, pamphlets, photographs and other ephemera. Through your support, these collections can be expanded and digitized—preserving our heritage while making it globally accessible for faculty and students to unearth new discoveries. Your gift would support:

  • Digitizing Collections for Accessibility: Properly preserving items in the collections requires highly specialized, cutting-edge technical equipment. With your support, the rare and unique materials within the collections will be digitized using the highest quality equipment to ensure they are accessible for scholars around the world.
  • Expanding Electronic Databases: Access to electronic databases is critical for successful research and advanced study. With new and emerging fields of research appearing throughout the academic sector, your support will ensure resources and databases are available in all fields and formats. For example, expanded access to databases that include African American documents and streaming video allows our Blue Hen students to access critical materials for their coursework and research.
  • Building Diverse Collections: The four gallery spaces house rare, specialized materials, art and objects, with a focus on underrepresented voices, which supports the University’s instructional and research programs. Your support will enable further acquisition of rare and unique materials that reflect a diversity of human voices and experiences.
  • Digital Preservation: The UDSpace Institutional Repository collects and disseminates research material that is openly accessible to provide long-term access and discoverability. With your support, the Library, Museums and Press is able to offer permanent digital locations for our Blue Hen publications, dissertations and other research material.
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