Publishing and Sharing Work

Primary Sources

  • Harvesting data from primary sources
  • Digital archives/exhibitions
  • Collecting born-digital primary sources¬†
  • Creating digital scholarship with primary sources
  • Finding datasets (both born-digital and digitized things)¬†


Research Skills

  • Specific methodologies (like text mining, digital mapping/storytelling, data visualization for discovery/exploratory data analysis)
  • What if we broaden this to incorporate the entire research cycle at the most basic level, i.e., generating a research question, gathering sources, analyzing sources, sharing findings, preservation?


Publishing and Sharing Work/Scholarly Communication

  • Permissions/copyright (DSP, SMDC)
  • Design (SMDC, DSP)
  • Using a digital publishing platform (WP, Omeka, etc.) (DSP, SMDC)
  • Media format literacy (SMDC, DSP)
  • Evaluating online sources/other scholarship (RIS, DSP, SMDC)
  • Citations (RIS)
  • Ethics/privacy of publishing (DSP, SMDC)
  • Basic coding (HTML, CSS, etc.) (DSP)
  • Preservation of work (DSP)